For information on Home Improvements, please see:

Community Architectural Guidlines

Home Improvement Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need prior approval from the Board for exterior home improvement projects?

A: If your project only involves repair or replacement of existing items (such as windows, siding, porch railing, roof) with those of a similar style, color and material, you do not need to submit the proposed work for prior approval.  In general, home maintenance that does not materially alter the appearance of your home or property does not require Board approval.  Tree, flower and shrub landscaping also generally does not necessitate prior Board approval.   In most other cases, however, prior Board approval is required.

Before deciding if approval is required or not, be sure to read the hyperlinked Architectural Guidelines and click on "Documents" above to review Articles VII and VIII of the Declaration of Covenants.  These documents bind all homeowners in Montpelier Woods.  If you are still unsure if you need approval, you can contact the Board through e-mail or voice mail and we will be happy to give you guidance.

Q: If I am planning a home improvement project that would materially alter the exterior of my home or property, what steps must I take to get the project approved?

A: After you have spoken with your contractor or drawn up plans, you should send a written request for approval to the Board (including an illustrated copy of the plan).  The Board  does not want to stand in the way of homeowners who want to improve their property, so Board action is generally completed very promptly.  We encourage projects that will increase the value of your home!  The Board needs, however,  to determine whether the proposed project falls within the applicable neighborhood rules and guidelines. The Board has 30 days after receipt of your request to approve or disapprove your proposal.  We may ask to visit the site, request more written information from you, speak with you in more detail, or meet with your neighbors who may be affected by the proposed project.

Q: Are there other suggestions?

A: The Board suggests that you get references for any contractor that you might use for your project.  Make sure they are licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC).  The State of Maryland maintains an online database where you may search for your contractor’s MHIC registration number.  Finally, be sure that you have applied for and received the necessary Prince George's County permits before you begin.  If you have any questions regarding the permit process, you may call the County Permit Office at 301-883-5784.

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